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Digital products and services are central to our lives. But too often they frustrate us, distract us, or fail to deliver what we actually need.

Together we can change that.

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Panda’s careful and open approach to user research, with a clear set of goals and regular updates to stakeholders, has really helped us shape the roadmap for our product.

Ben Dunn - User Experience Lead, Parmenion Capital Partners

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Service Design

Designing backstage processes and the frontstage experience, across digital and non-digital touchpoints.

User research

Discovery research, co-design, concept testing, usability testing and everything in between.

Capability building

Training, mentoring and coaching for teams adopting user-centred and agile approaches.

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People over process

Posted: 2 July 2020 by Alastair Lee

User-centred design, agile development, design thinking, scrum, kanban, journey mapping and all the rest. We are as guilty of using these words…

Bamboo forest

From me, to we

Posted: 21 April 2020 by Alastair Lee

The formation of this company has been a long time coming. I left my last full time job in 2013. I had spent five years managing the digital…

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