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Product strategy & design

Are your users not engaging, buying or sharing enough? Need some confidence before you invest in the next big idea? Struggling to agree on product priorities?

Sometimes an expert external perspective, backed by research with end-users can make all the difference.


Researching user needs

Interviews, ethnography and surveys create a shared understanding of user needs.


Where will you play? How will you win? What’s your proposition? How will you deliver it?

Concept testing & prototyping

Testing those risky assumptions with prototypes and evaluative research.

Design sprints

These intensive week-long workshops need careful facilitation to make them work. We’ve got a few under our belt.

UX & UI design

Designing the user experience, from information architecture to design patterns, to brand and style.

Usability testing

We’ll pinpoint issues with your product, then design solutions that make the difference.

Agile delivery

We can provide a full delivery squad combining technical, design and product ownership roles. Or we can plug any gaps in your team.

Example projects

We were excited about running our first user testing session, and we're really pleased with the specific recommendations we received. But the main impact of working with Panda has been convincing us to put user centred design at the heart of our product development.

Tom Stapleton - Cofounder and MD, TravelLocal

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