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Capability building

Most organisations we work with recognise that developing digital products and services is now part of their core business, and that to do it well, they need adopt user-centred and agile approaches.

But making the transition can be hard. So we offer support in a range of ways.



We offer bespoke training courses and workshops to communicate and practice key concepts.

Coaching and mentoring

We have coached teams and individuals helping them learn and grow in their role.

Side by side delivery

Working alongside us in delivery enables us to demonstrate techniques offer timely feedback.

Org and process design

Clarifying roles and providing a framework for successful collaboration.

Case studies

Before Alastair joined us we were a development team without a Product Manager and a company with no formal user-centred process in place. He not only mentored me through a transition into becoming a full-time Product Manager, but our entire approach and philosophy to product development changed.

Nik Martin - Product Manager, Much Better Adventures

Creating ‘one team’ was important to us and this formed very quickly. Care was taken by Panda throughout the project, to ensure that our in-house Service Designers benefited from invaluable knowledge and skills transfer. The resultant enthusiasm, commitment and trust cannot be underestimated.

Jonathan Cordier, Head of Service Design, Bath and Northeast Somerset Council

Panda’s careful and open approach to user research, with a clear set of goals and regular updates to stakeholders, has really helped us shape the roadmap for our product.

Ben Dunn - User Experience Lead, Parmenion Capital Partners

Panda has been a trusted design partner as we develop SIERA+ and build our internal design capability. They have helped us navigate a series of complex design decisions with great care and reinforced our belief in user-centred design.

Nick Hogg - Product Director, EVORA Global

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