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Our engagements range from capability-building partnerships, to design & delivery projects, to one-off workshops and speaking gigs.


Service Design

Designing backstage processes and the frontstage experience, across digital and non-digital touchpoints.

User research

Discovery research, co-design, concept testing, usability testing and everything in between.

Capability building

Training, mentoring and coaching for teams adopting user-centred and agile approaches.

Before Alastair joined us we were a development team without a Product Manager and a company with no formal user-centred process in place. He not only mentored me through a transition into becoming a full-time Product Manager, but our entire approach and philosophy to product development changed.

Nik Martin - Product Manager, Much Better Adventures


Public sector

Digital transformation and service design for local and central government.


User research and service design to help organisations deliver on their mission.


Helping universities attract students and provide the support services they need.


Customer development, strategy workshops, user research and experimentation to help you get to product-market fit.

The Panda team asked very useful strategic questions for products that are in the embryonic stage, considering not just users but the business viability.

Julius Baghdadi - Director, Octopus Energy Hatchery

Designing Better

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